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Map by Image

at 20.07.2015
Partnership with NLBlackEagle
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Since TC v.2.1.8 a very nice feature has been included: “Map by Image” (my name to this)

Now You see this in worldConfig.ini:

# Possible terrain modes : Normal, OldGenerator, TerrainTest, NotGenerate, Default
#    Normal - use all features
#    OldGenerator - generate land like 1.7.3 generator
#    TerrainTest - generate only terrain without any resources
#    NotGenerate - generate empty chunks
#    Default - use default Notch terrain generator

# Possible biome modes : Normal, OldGenerator, Default
#    Normal - use all features
#    FromImage - get biomes from image file
#    OldGenerator - generate biome like 1.7.3 generator
#    Default - use default Notch biome generator

Further down in the config, you will find this:

# Possible modes when generator outside image boundaries: Repeat, ContinueNormal, FillEmpty
#    Repeat - repeat image
#    ContinueNormal - continue normal generation
#    FillEmpty - fill by biome in "ImageFillBiome settings"

# Source png file for FromImage biome mode.

# Biome name for fill outside image boundaries with FillEmpty mode.

# Shifts map position from x=0 and z=0 coordinates.

The Image files name may be chosen free, but has to be the same as the image you will use as the template for the (new) world biome distribution.
The Image X and Z Offset has been chosen to get everything centered a bit closer to the middle of the “old” biome image which You got before by using /tc map.
This image has been taken to paint it by using a Paint-Program (I use “IrfanView”) and change some parts by just painting in the image.
You need to use the exact hex value of the color which has been set in the different configs of every biome.
This are hexadecimal values and to calculate the necessary RGB values for “IrvanView”, I use the program “Color Selector”.

You may use the “dropper”-function in IrfanView to get the matching color too and after done this, use the brush tool (and set the size of it) to paint in the map.

The image on top shows the use of the Paint-Tool in IrfanView.
It shows too what happens, if you chose any image being smaller than the original biome image you got by /tc map.

This was the image for a map.png template I used in the 1. image. Its very small and will give you this “mirrored” image style in this case always.
May be useful if you may want to extend an already made world by filling it at the new space with the biomes (or anything similar) shown in the template.
But its always best to stay close to an image size of 3200 x 3200.
(The rest of the possible settings are self explaining and have been too explained by Khoorn himself in the configs very well.)
For sure you have to create your world configs for a nice balance as usual, before You save (by /tc map command) and start to “paint” your biome image (map.png).
Now it depends at your imagination how the different biomes have been set (height and more) and how this will look later if you change its size and much more by painting.

An other important thing is, that to get “true north” in dynmap for instance, the biome image has to be turned 90° to the left side.

If you have now “true north” and changed the wished things by painting, put this image named “map.png” right into the folder of the world you want it to be the template for.
Delete the old world folders in the servers root and restart the server again. (I will explain this in the future with a ”step by step” example showing how I get my “volcano” biome)

Now the world will be build up new, using the map.png as its template to rework the biome distribution.
To get orientation again, I use the dynmap bukkit plugin and a copy of the map.png.
This has to be rotated now by 90° to the left side, to get congruence to the worlds north and dynmaps north again.
I will show you all this by some images here:

Remember always, that the biome image given by the command /tc map gives 4 x sized image of that map.png. Other way round: If you try to use the image given by /tc map as an underlaying map.png, you have to resize it 4x smaller and turn it 90° to the right.


See here the effect of ImageOffset adjustments at “FillEmpty” setting:
(if you use “continue normal”, use values without the negative - in front)

Use always unique hex colors in each biome (hex colors in each custom biome may be set by your choice, but unique!) and be sure to use this exactly same hex colors too in your map.png drawings !!!
(Wrong colors will always result instant in pure ocean at that part of the map painted with wrong hex colors)

Always avoid any antialiasing in your map.png:

If you want to resize a map.png, use this settings in IrfanView:

Here some screenshots of this world in game:

You see from top left to bottom right:
OasisBiome, Isles Offshore, Beach with Jungle and Mountains, Isle with same + floating Mountain in the middle of it (next few images), Cliffs in front of a big Isle, Canyons with jungle and at the end, the big Mountains area at Desert border with big River coming from the Mountains area.

This image shows a world render of radius 4500 and this rendered part compared to the used map.png in the configs.
“True north” is upper left and in the map.png at top of the image. You see the many “painted” parts are merging perfect.

Left you see my test map.png being even more “painted”.

Small cliffs in the ocean, small creeks and rivers feeding the bigger ones and much more things have been painted in the map.png to get this world more and more realistic in one direction, but also a little epic regarding the unrealistic stuff like flying rocks and so on.

Just to show what else is possible, I created a “volcano” biome, a “waterfall” biome and a “road” biome ;-) :

Next is my new “Avatar” style biome:

There will be more possibilities for sure and this is just a short overview, how to use this function in a creative way.
I will extend this part of the Tutorial if I get (or get e-mailed by you?) new insights for even better world creations.

But always think about this will not give You perfect world by just only painting it. You have to set up the configs as carefully as ever, but you may “finetune” the map by using this feature now.
Enjoy and give me some feedback if You find a mistake I made in the explanations here, or simply get some own interesting insight to this points. (use contact at download page)